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Exit South

Exit South is a Country/Rock band from scattered towns just east of Nashville, TN.  The members are made up of five friends who met through other projects over the past 20 years. The precursor to the current manifestation of this band was an acoustic harmony trio formed in 2010 named the 11th Hour Band that combined the three lead singers Donald Olson, LeeRoy Campbell, and Rick Barclay. In 2014, through prompting of fans, the group added the crunchy blues lead guitar of longtime friend Johnny Reinbold and the colorful keys and smooth vocals of Cy Queen. LeeRoy took his place back on drums, Rick grabbed a bass and Exit South was created. The band has established a unique sound of smooth harmonies, high energy, and aural diversity backed by a chemistry only found in close friends who love to make music.   

Donald Olsen
Rhythm Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals


Rick Barclay
Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals
Lee Roy Campbell
Drums, Lead and Background Vocals
Johnny Reinbold
Lead Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals
Cy Queen
Keyboards, Lead and Background Vocals
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